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Our tools and engineering calculators

Currently, our tools and engineering calculators include:

  • Metric and imperial concrete volume and bags calculators for different shapes.
  • Metric and imperial aggregate volume calculators for rectangular and circular shapes.
  • And several concrete mix proportioning calculators based on the ACI and IS standards.

However, we are continuously developing engineering calculators to cover various aspects. Besides, if you have any recommendation or suggestion, feel free to contact us.

Terms of Use

By using any of our tools or calculators, you agree on the following:

First, any information and data is for personal use only. Second, engineers, contractors, students, and ‘diy-ers’ can use our tools for their own calculations or checks, without printing or submitting any part for any commercial work. Third, it is strictly prohibited to distribute, print, copy, or use any information, including but not limited to results and calculations, for commercial purposes or exploitation. Fourth, all the data, information, and results obtained are not considered as legal documents. Fifth, you should inform us by an email about any inaccurate results or miscalculations in case encountered. Sixth, the information and data, including but not limited to results and methods, and their accuracy, can not be guaranteed by us.

Hence, all the tools and calculators aim only to simplify the work and help individuals in their projects. Thereby, they should not be totally relied upon. Also, it is always recommended that you perform your own checks and calculations to verify any methods used or results obtained.