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Concrete Testing Analysis

Concrete Testing Analysis Service

We provide testing analysis services to determine and analyze the properties of a mixture. This in terms helps in determining its adequacy, code conformation, flaws, potential optimizations, etc… .


In fact, testing and analyzing the test results is an important process.

For example, testing helps in ensuring that the properties of the mixture meet the minimum specification requirements for a given project. In general, these properties can be classified into physical, mechanical, and durability properties. An example of a test for each include the slump test, compression test, and chloride ion penetration test, respectively.

Also, analyzing and assessing the test results can help in troubleshooting various problems and defects and predicting the service life of concrete. In addition, a thorough analysis can help in finding potential optimizations.

Destructive and non-destructive testing

In general, tests can be classified into two main categories, destructive and non-destructive. The former often includes taking a core sample for laboratory testing. Whereas, the latter usually involves making on-site tests. Such tests can be helpful in determining the thickness of a member, location of embedded reinforcements or other objects, moisture, defects, etc….

Sometimes, non-destructive testing can be sufficient, depending on several factors such as the the aim or objective and the application. In other cases, taking core samples might be necessary or inevitable. Also, these types of tests are sometimes used cooperatively. For instance, non-destructive testing can be helpful in determining the suitable location for core extraction.

Durability and service life prediction

Also, testing and analysis is essential in predicting the service life of concrete. Specifically, durability testing is a major factor here. In addition, this also helps in determining the optimization potential in order to increase the service life.

Troubleshooting and failure analysis

Furthermore, testing and analysis is useful for troubleshooting and failure analysis.